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Cassava Farms Club Members Learn through Play

Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s uses its hands-on club activities to stimulate critical thinking and foster the cognitive and creative capacity of children. ECA clubs combine Play and Learn, Family Engagement and Community Engagement to get young Africans...

Letter to the Moon

Letters to the Moon and a Fallen Tree

The children played the game of ‘Meaning to Me’. They were given writing materials and asked to write letters to the moon and a fallen tree. Terry addressed her letter to the moon and described its importance. She said...


Dee at Harvard’s Family Engagement Institute, 2016

The initiative is masterminded and directed by HGSE’s Professor Karen L. Mapp, whose extensive research, writings, and lectures on family and community engagement in education serve as the foundation of many of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.'s initiatives.


ECA Club Members Learn Through Play

Educate a Child in Africa’s hands-on Club activities develop the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and creative skills needed to build the foundation for human development and lifelong learning.


ECA Club Members Learn Through Play

Educate a Child in Africa’s Play and Learn activities inspire the passion for education, teach children basic lessons on diverse subjects while building their confidence, team building and leadership skills. It is worth mentioning that ECA’s hands-on Club activities...


ECA Club Members Learn Through Play

Members of the Educate a Child in Africa (ECA) Play and Learn/leadership club came together on the 9th of April 2016 at their club venue in Mile One, Limbe, Cameroon. The youngsters showed a lot of interest in the...

Career path presentation

Training Leaders in Community Engagement

The Lead Africa or Change Maker Initiative is a capacity building package that is geared towards changing the mindset of graduates from higher educational institutions. The fundamental goal is to make them agents of change in their communities, especially...

Educate a Child in Africa

Teaching Children about the Environment

The Divisional Delegate of the Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development, was on hand to support Educate a Child in Africa's effort to teach children about the importance of wetlands.


Working Together

The children were taught that peace, democracy, economic growth and sustainable development can only be achieved with an educated African Society.