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Twenty five years ago, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Article 28 states that “every child has the right to an education…” Considering the fact that quality education brings out the fullest potential of children and is a huge tool in breaking the cycle of poverty, Educate a Child in Africa (ECA) has been carrying out a series of activities to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the CRC.

Government Practicing School (GPS) Mile One, Catholic School New Town, Daniel Tabeyang Mmen Iyok (DTMI) Memorial Nursery and Primary School and New Horizon International Nursery and Primary School all in Limbe hosted ECA’s “Play and learn” activities. The Educate a Child in Africa team headed by the Chief Operating Officer Asaah Gideon carried out a short training to get the teachers fully involved with the activities of their different institutions. Takang Therese, Muabe Judith, Martha Mbende and Dorothy Engoh representing teachers of the four schools joined the Educate a Child in Africa team in the general supervision of their pupils. The children were divided into groups of four and five in some cases and a child was appointed to act as a coordinator in each of the groups. In the course of a mini football match that the children proposed as their preferred game, they learned the key values of life inter alia Trust, Respect, Humility, Freedom, Tolerance, Honesty, Integrity, Victory, Love and Courage.

Educate a Child in Africa’s “Play and learn” initiative was introduced in the backdrop of falling standards in the quality of education of most African countries. This strategy makes education fun as the child develops new skills like communication, leadership, team building and self confidence. The children of these schools were therefore beneficiaries of these new skills. The leaders of the different groups coordinated their peers by presenting the rules of the game. Some of the leaders even went further to suspend group members who were not respecting the rules. It is worth pointing out that children who learn while they play retain faster than their peers who stay in class on a regular basis.