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On the 19th of March 2016, Educate a Child in Africa (ECA) organized its first club activity in Mile One , Limbe, Cameroon. The members of ECA Club-Animal Farms, who ranged from four to thirteen, used Educate a Child in Africa’s learning bricks to learn Arithmetic, vocabulary and sentence construction.

The youngsters seemed to have fun as they learned and took turns to coordinate and lead other team members. Ten-year-old Achoh Tracy of the Caterpillar Field neighborhood was one of the most active members of the group. Not only was she usually the first to finish her activities, she immediately took it upon herself to assist her peers. Tracy was not the only child who stood out. Anubogfah Eris, Ntangju Terry, Tar Telcy, and Fuen Nathalie volunteered to lead the group at different times. The young leaders-in-training devised Arithmetic problems for their friends to solve and were also responsible for grading at the end of their respective sessions.

Although the children were excited while solving Arithmetic problems, they clearly seemed to have the most fun during the sentence-construction phase of the games. They quickly divided themselves into groups and used the bricks to form sentences. ‘Close the zoo,” wrote Eris. “My mother is going to the market,” wrote Tracy. “I love singing in church,” wrote Ntangju Veena.

Educate a Child in Africa uses its hands-on club activities to stimulate critical thinking and foster the cognitive and creative capacity of children. ECA clubs combine Play and Learn, Family Engagement, and Community Engagement to get young Africans to be passionate about education.