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Members of the Educate a Child in Africa (ECA) Play and Learn/leadership club came together on the 9th of April 2016 at their club venue in Mile One, Limbe, Cameroon. The children used Educate a Child in Africa’s learning bricks to learn Arithmetic. They were introduced to different professions and took turns in reading story books, given to them by Educate a Child in Africa.

The youngsters showed a lot of interest in the different Arithmetic sessions as they scrambled to lead their peers. Ntangju Veena of the Caterpillar field neighborhood distinguished herself in all the sessions. Not only did she present the rules of the game, she also reminded her friends on the importance of respecting time. Achoh Tracy and Alana Bonu were also outstanding. They helped their friends in coming up with Arithmetic solutions.

The transition from Arithmetic to understanding different professions was facilitated by Veena. She presented and taught her peers the club anthem. All the children sang the anthem with joy.

The children were introduced to different professions. In pairs, they randomly read different professions that had been presented to them and explained the nature of the profession. They were given story books and asked to read selected pages in front of their peers. This was a symbolic act intended to portray the importance of reading.

Educate a Child in Africa’s hands-on club activities stimulate critical thinking and foster the cognitive and creative capacity of children. ECA Clubs combine Play and Learn, Family Engagement and Community Engagement to get young Africans to be passionate about education. It is worth mentioning that ECA’s initiatives ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning, goal four of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.