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On Saturday April 16th 2016, the children of the Educate a Child in Africa (ECA) Play and Learn/Leadership club gathered once more at their club venue in Mile one, Limbe, Cameroon. They used Educate a Child in Africa’s learning bricks to learn Arithmetic, vocabulary and sentence construction.
Achuoh Tracy, a pupil of Street Care Foundation, Limbe opted to be the secretary of the day. She came up with the agenda and presented to her friends. The youngsters began the program by singing the club’s anthem. They formed groups and used ECA’s learning bricks to solve Arithmetic problems that were presented by their peers. Despite the fact that all the children manifested passion in leading their friends, Moukam Audrey, Tracy and Akongwi Anelson were the first to lead.

Eris led her peers to construct sentences with the ECA bricks. Each child wanted to be the first to complete his or her sentence. They scrambled for the bricks and formed words, inter alia, ‘I love singing’, ‘He is in class’, ‘I am a nurse’, ‘The girl is jumping’.

The children acted out scenes emulating professions. Each child picked a task from the ballot and acted out what it said. Audrey and Tracy acted the scene of a Doctor treating patients in the hospital, Anelson acted the role of a teacher teaching Arithmetic in class while Eris acted as a head teacher addressing pupils in school.

The closing remark was given by Eris. She appreciated her friends for engaging fully in all the activities. She also reminded them of the next gathering. The youngsters however seemed reluctant to return home. ‘Cameroon the land of peace, Cameroon the place to be, oh let us join and build Cameroon….’ sang the children as they packed their bags.

Educate a Child in Africa’s Play and Learn activities inspire the passion for education, teach children basic lessons on diverse subjects while building their confidence, team building and leadership skills. It is worth mentioning that ECA’s hands-on Club activities stimulate critical thinking and foster lifelong learning.