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On Saturday the 23rd of April, 2016, Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. Play and Learn|leadership club members converged at their Mile One venue in Limbe, Cameroon. Solving Arithmetic problems, constructing short sentences and playing the ECA shape tracker game characterized the day’s activities.

The activities commenced with an opening prayer from ten-year-old Anne Keller of the Caterpillar Field neighborhood. Groups were formed and leaders were assigned. Solving Arithmetic problems with the ECA Play and Learn bricks was the first activity. The children worked as a team in their respective groups. The different group leaders took turns in posing addition, subtraction, division and multiplication problems for their mates to solve. The youngsters seemed very excited coming up with the different Arithmetic solutions

The children formed a circle. In the circle, they constructed short sentences from words on the ECA bricks they had been given. Ajuah Belvani’s brick carried the word ‘Study’. She said “it is good to study. I love studying and I get better grades whenever I take my studies seriously”. Ciara’s word was ‘School’. She said “I love going to school. A school is where we learn to read, write and add up figures”. Veena Songwe, Fuen Nathalie and Anelson also came up with good sentences.

The program continued with the ECA Play and Learn Shape Tracker game. Here the girls were put in a separate group from the boys. Each group was given a collection of pictures to be used in answering the questions of the game. Kids took turns in representing their groups. Questions were asked and the representatives hurriedly searched through the pictures for answers. The children jumped at their group’s victory amidst eye-watering laughter.

The closing remark was presented by Belvani. She thanked her friends for coming and encouraged them to be present and punctual for the next club meeting. Terry volunteered to pack the different play and learn materials. Eris offered a word of prayer and the children left the premises chatting and laughing, each desiring to be heard.

Educate a Child in Africa’s hands-on Club activities develop the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and creative skills needed to build the foundation for human development and lifelong learning. ECA Clubs combine Play and Learn, Family Engagement and Community Engagement to get young Africans to be passionate about education.