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Anne Keller is a class five pupil of Jonam Bilingual Primary School Limbe. She is nine years old and aspires to become an Accountant. Anne and her mates gathered at the Mile One, Limbe Club venue on Saturday the 7th of May 2016. She was chosen by the team of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. to lead the Play and Learn|Leadership Club activities of the day. Anne exercised her leadership role by assigning her mates to coordinate the different activities.

The program began with an opening prayer from Belvany. Anne announced the Arithmetic activity. She assigned Terry, Bryan and Veena to coordinate the solving of addition, multiplication and division problems respectively with the use of the ECA bricks.

Next on the agenda was Self Portrait. For this activity, the kids were given drawing materials to draw a picture of what they desire to become in future. They all had interesting pictures indicating their aspirations to become, inter alia, Medical Doctors, Teachers, Footballers and Accountants. The children formed two groups to play the ECA game of Shape Tracker. Anne coordinated the game with a whistle while her mates cheered as the groups won points. The club members all sang and danced in a circle as the day’s program came to an end. On Anne’s request, Audrey gave the closing remarks and offered a prayer.

Anne Keller loves going to school. Arithmetic and English language are her favorite subjects. During her leisure time, she enjoys playing games on the computer. She expressed gratitude to have been chosen as the pivot of the day’s activities. Admiring her role, her friends opted to lead in subsequent club activities.