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Ngove Julien and Bassong Vivian are teachers of Government Primary School Batoke, a locality in the South West Region of Cameroon. After their training by the team of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. they got passionately involved in implementing the Family Engagement (FE) initiative. They selected pupils to benefit from the FE program and contacted their parents.

At the beginning of the third school term, Julien and Vivian visited the respective homes of the pupils to mark the first visit of the program. They dialogued with the parents on issues affecting the pupils’ performance. Some parents mentioned that they have not been helping their kids with homework and general studies because they are ignorant of their role. Others confessed they are always preoccupied with other things. The teachers suggested solutions to better the situation. They encouraged the parents to personally help their kids at home.

On Wednesday the 11th of May 2016, Julien, Vivian and the ECA staff received the parents at the school premises in Batoke for the second visit. Ngove Julien welcomed the parents and reiterated the importance of the meeting. The parents expressed their gratitude, clearly acknowledging the impact of Family Engagement on their children. “My child is very forgetful. Family Engagement has enlightened me, I will always follow her up”, explained Venge Elizabeth, mother of Mirabel Clinton. Oteu Pascaline, mother of Meshach, said she is now conscious enough to assist her daughter with homework.

Viviane cautioned the parents to ensure that their children go to bed early. She also encouraged them to make sure the kids do not come to school with an empty stomach. On her part, Julien commented that a majority of the pupils misplace their books almost on a daily bases. The parents always have to check their bags to make sure that the children’s books are available. She confirmed that the purpose of the Family Engagement initiative is realizable. The meeting ended with the parents and teachers agreeing to work as a team for the betterment of the children.