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The Family Engagement (FE) Initiative was introduced by Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. to Government Primary School Botaland Limbe, Cameroon. The authorities of the school welcomed the initiative. Mary Mokube and Gillian Ache, teachers of the institution were assigned by the Head Teacher to be responsible for the implementation of Family Engagement. Both teachers were trained by the team of ECA on the different steps to follow while implementing the initiative.

Immediately after the training, Mary and Gillian made the necessary preparations to get Family Engagement rolling. The parents concurred to receive the teachers for the first visit. In the different homes, Gillian and Mary patiently listened as the parents enumerated the challenges they face with their children. Bayong Victorine, mother of Bahgong Grace mentioned that her daughter plays a lot after school. Lobe Janet said her child watches television at length in the evening. Both teachers advised the parents to make their children have enough rest and reduce play and TV time after school.

On the 12th of May 2016, Gillian and Mary hosted the parents in school for the second Family Engagement visit. Both parties talked about the observable changes in the children after the first visit: the pupils are punctual, tidy and most of them have their homework done. Gillian cautioned the parents to reduce the chores pupils do in the morning before coming to school. This is to avoid late coming and fatigue. She equally encouraged them to create an atmosphere at home that facilitates communication with their children. Mary also appealed to the parents not to send kids to school if they are ill.

The teachers obviously understood and embraced the Family Engagement initiative. They expressed their joy seeing the parents react positively to the family-school partnership. Lobe Janet implored the other parents to make the effort to relate more with the teachers. As the meeting came to an end, Gillian and Mary told the parents to give pride of place to their children by spending ample time with them.