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Ten-year-old Achoh Tracy lives in the Animal Farms neighbourhood of Limbe, the South West Region of Cameroon. She is a class six pupil of Street Care Foundation. She enjoys reading short stories and solving Arithmetic problems. She wants to become a journalist in future. Tracy was the leader of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s Play and Learn | Leadership club event on Saturday, the 21st of May 2016.

She cordially welcomed her friends and asked Annelson Akongwi to offer a word of prayer. On a patriotic note, she invited Anne Keller to tune the national anthem which they all sang with broad smiles. Veena Ntangu led the singing of the club’s anthem after which the youngsters all settled down for the day’s activities.

Solving Arithmetic problems with the ECA learning bricks was the first activity. The club members looked for the multiples of different numbers posed by Tracy. She also asked her mates to use the bricks and square the numbers she wrote out on a board. Annelson and Veena championed this activity as they assembled more brick combinations than the other kids. The next activity was the ECA game of Secret Inspiration. The children all took turns in participating as laughter filled the air.

With the national day celebrations of the previous day still fresh in their memories, Tracy and her friends matched around the hall like soldiers. As the meeting came to an end, it seemed from every indication that they enjoyed themselves. ECA’s Play and Learn | Leadership club activities in communities reveal to parents the skills and talents their children possess. It encourages parents to connect with teachers for their children’s benefit.