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Muabe Judith and Mbende Martha are primary school teachers at Government Practicing School Unity Quarters, Limbe, Cameroon. They were trained by the team from Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. to implement the Family Engagement (FE) Initiative in their institution.

To mark the first step of Family Engagement, Judith and Martha visited the pupils’ homes at the commencement of the third school term. They had a discussion with parents on issues concerning their children. It was discovered that there is poor communication between the parents and their kids. Parents do not make themselves available to help the pupils in their school work, and some children have too many chores to do in the morning before leaving for school. Judith and Martha gave suggestions to the parents on how to ameliorate the situation.

The First Family Engagement visit paved the way for the second visit. This meeting was hosted by the teachers in school on Monday, the 16th of May 2016. Judith welcomed the parents and everyone present introduced themselves. The parents and teachers assessed the impact of the first visit. Both camps testified that there was noticeable success. The teachers further asked the parents to instruct persons they hire to teach their children at home to follow the school syllabus. The parents were equally advised to have the school program so as to know when the pupils write tests or exams.

Judith and Martha appreciated the parents’ effort to partner with the school. The parents were equally grateful for the initiative. Judith pleaded with the parents to keep encouraging the children to study. At the end of the meeting, both parents and teachers were more determined to strengthen the family-school bond created by Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. via the Family Engagement Initiative.