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Britney Miki loves going to school. She is a class four pupil of Street Care Foundation. She is nine years old, enjoys English language lessons at school and aspires to become a lawyer. Britney lives in the Cassava Farms neighborhood of the city of Limbe, Cameroon. She was all smiles on Saturday, the 28th of May 2016 as she coordinated Educate a Child in Africa, Inc’s Play and Learn | Leadership club activities. She welcomed her friends, beckoned on them to settle down and invited Chelsea Moyonga to offer an opening prayer.

Britney immediately divided her fellow club members into two groups. With the use of the ECA learning bricks, the younger kids identified different Arithmetic signs. They used the addition, multiplication, division and subtraction signs to solve Arithmetic problems with one digit numbers. The older kids were engaged in looking for odd numbers and even numbers from the bricks. Mishla-pride and Michael Junior made more brick combinations than the other kids.

The children continued to select words from the bricks and formed sentences. These activities gave the youngsters the opportunity to stand in front of their peers and present their answers, thereby prompting them to express themselves. They equally took turns to play the ECA game of Shape Tracker. While interacting among themselves in the ECA Play and learn club, Britney and her friends inevitably empathised with one another.

Britney Miki likes coming home to a warm plate of fried rice. Mishla-pride is her best friend and they often play together. Britney loves watching cartoons. She is always eager to take part in Educate a Child in Africa, Inc’s club activities.