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Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. introduced the Family Engagement Initiative to Government Practicing School Bonadikombo, a Chiefdom in the South West Region of Cameroon. Luba Adeline and Miriam Sabum, teachers of the school agreed to coordinate the project. Both teachers received training from the team of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. on how to effectively implement the initiative.

Shortly after the training, Adeline and Miriam visited the homes of pupils. They had conversations with parents on issues concerning the children’s academic performance. Among several things said by the parents, Ngang Lilian admitted that she does not make time for her son, while Mbapngong Stephen complained that his daughter plays excessively after school and becomes too tired to do her homework. Both teachers also realized that some are single parents and find it challenging to single-handedly manage their kids. Adeline and Miriam encouraged the parents to make a conscious effort to participate in the children’s education.

Over a month later, Miriam and Adeline invited the parents to school for a second Family Engagement visit. Both parties evaluated the first visit and it was mutually agreed that, with the parents becoming more participatory in the pupil’s school work, there was positive change: the children now eat in the morning before school and they have provision for lunch break. Tambe Joan said her daughter now insists to be helped with her homework. Other parents said unlike before, they are now more conscious: they make sure their children are tidy before they leave for school.

Adeline and Miriam are pleased to connect with parents for the betterment of pupils. They always remind parents to take ample care of their kids because the children are the parents’ future caretakers.