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Taku Bertrand and Ngassa Elizabeth are pupils of Government Practising School Unity Quarters, Limbe. They are both nine, and in Class Five. On Monday, the 6th of June, 2016, a team from Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. created a Play and Learn | Leadership club in their school. On the following day, during the first club activities, Bertrand and Elizabeth were drilled on how to lead the group and they exhibited good leadership skills.

The club members were made to settle down and they were introduced to the ECA game of Secret Inspiration. Bertrand and Elizabeth took turns in coordinating this activity. The pupils carried out diverse tasks: Apoba Junior assembled the factors of twelve, while Kum Roland constructed sentences, both using the ECA Learning Bricks. Elizabeth told a short interesting story about the teaching profession. The other kids solved puzzles and performed acts that left their mates beaming with laughter.

Bertrand and Elizabeth organized their mates into two groups to play the ECA game of Shape Tracker. Applause filled the air as the different group representatives won points for their groups.

Bertrand, Elizabeth, and their mates seemed very excited to participate in the Play and Learn | Leadership club activities. Bertrand loves History and aspires to become a Lawyer. Elizabeth on her part enjoys English language and desires to become a University Lecturer. Both children like the outdoor games of football and hopscotch respectively.