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“Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s Play and Learn | Leadership club is a place to enjoy learning through play,” Said Chu Bernice, while she welcomed her friends to the club activities on Saturday the 11th of June, 2016, in Cassava Farms, Limbe. She is an eleven year old Form One student of Charity Comprehensive Academy in Buea. Her favourite subject is Biology and she aspires to become a medical Doctor. As coordinator of the club activities of the day, Bernice assigned Miki Bryan to offer a word of prayer after which she read out the order of activities.

Bernice began with the Arithmetic session. She assigned her mates to use the Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. Learning Bricks and look for the multiples, factors and sum of different given numbers. She appointed Diom Samuel and Bih Precious to take turns in leading the different activities. Monyongo Seraphine, Kelvine Chris, and Louise Manga presented more brick combinations as answers to the various exercises than their friends.

Bernice happily divided her friends into little groups where every child had the opportunity to form sentences with the Educate a Child in Africa Inc.’s Learning Bricks. They constructed sentences like: ‘The man loves running’, ‘The Doctor is going to travel’, ‘They want to laugh’. Bernice led the youngsters into another activity. They matched information about professions with corresponding bricks carrying the name of each profession. The children actively participated, all desiring to present their answers.

Chu Bernice was glad to lead. As the activities came to an end, she thanked her friends for coming and reminded them of the next club rendez-vous. Bernice likes playing computer games during her free time with her best friend, Diom Dutchelle, who is also a member of the Play and Learn | Leadership club of Cassava Farms. Bernice loves cooking and she enjoys eating the native meal of fufu and eru.