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Ashley Nsoh and Meshach Ahea are pupils of Government Primary School Botaland and Government Primary School Batoke respectively, and examples of how Family Engagement can drastically improve pupil performance. Having participated in Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s Family Engagement initiative during the third term of the academic year 2015/2016, both Ashley and Meshach showed marked improvement, which their teachers and parents attributed to increased parental involvement in their education.

Eight-year-old Ashley passed to class four, improving from an average of 14.3 on 20 in the first term to 17.3 in the third term. She moved up to the 6th position in a class of 50 pupils (from 14th position in the previous term). She initially registered some absences at the beginning of the year but concluded the last school term with zero absences. Through the implementation of Family Engagement, Ashley was consistently tidy, punctual, and never came to school without doing her homework.

Meshach Ahea is nine years old and has moved to class five. She concluded the year in the first position with a total mark of 311 on 380. She was initially not active in class but with the introduction of Family Engagement, her parents stepped in, encouraging her to work harder, finish her homework, and show up to school on time, resulting in her better performance. Meshach not only became consistently tidy, her citizenship in the classroom also improved.

Ashley, Meshach, and their parents expressed profound gratitude to the teachers and the team of Educate a Child In Africa, Inc. for coordinating and supervising the implementation of the Family Engagement program. Pupils, parents, and teachers promised to be more collaborative as we look forward to a more productive partnership next academic year.