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Fomuyong Bertha is a member of Educate a child in Africa, Inc.’s Play and Learn | Leadership club of Animal Farms Limbe, Cameroon. She is nine years old and a class five pupil of Fritz-William Primary School. Arithmetic is her best subject and she desires to become a Reverend Sister. Bertha coordinated the club activities on Saturday the 9th of July 2016. She welcomed her friends, appointed Tar Ciara to give an opening prayer after which they all sang the club anthem and settled down.

Bertha introduced the first activity on the program. Here, the children used Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s learning bricks to solve Arithmetic problems on Compound Proportion. The leader posed the questions while the other club members quickly interpreted them to know if addition, division or subtraction was required. Bertha further paired her friends for a Spelling Bee competition. Each group strived to spell the given words correctly. They were all winners at the end of the activity as they learned how to spell new words and had their vocabularies improved.

The club members moved on to play the ‘Think and Link’ game. Bertha coordinated her friends through this activity as they kept naming different words. The younger children on their part made the hall lively by reciting poems. Fru Marie-Germaine, a Nursery school kid boldly said her rhyme titled ‘Oh What a Precious Family I Have’.

Bertha was happy to be the leader of the day. Away from school and club activities, she loves playing with Anubogfah Eris who is her best friend and also a member of the club. The children were grateful to be part of the program. Eris said she now understands how to solve some arithmetic problems she formerly did not know. “I learned many new words today through the ‘Think and Link’ game” said Dinga Theresita. The meeting was dismissed for the day and the children returned home contented.