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On Saturday the 6th of August 2016, members of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s Play and Learn | leadership club gathered at the Animal Farms venue. They happily exchanged stories about how the holiday period is unfolding while settling down for the club activities to commence. Dinga Theresita offered a prayer, Ntanju Veena led in the singing of the club’s anthem after which the fun game activities kick started.

The first activity of the day was the solving of Arithmetic problems with the use of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc’s learning bricks. The children looked for the multiples of two and one. They also looked for the factors of sixty and their excitement was obvious as they kept turning the bricks from side to side in search for the answers. Still with the use of the learning bricks, the kids identified nouns and verbs and formed short sentences with them.

The youngsters continued with the activity of “My Ideal Family”. Here, they were given drawing materials to draw pictures of what they desire their families to be. In their different pictures, they all had the common desire to live together with their parents and siblings. As the meeting neared closing time, Rosey Bless presented a poem in which she pledged to do her best academic wise to make her parents proud.

At the end of the program, the club members seemed very contented. Ebue Victory said she got to understand how to look for the multiples of numbers while Blessing Lydwin was glad she could picture her family on paper. Theresita gave a closing remark while Tawi Princewill offered a word of prayer and the children retired with their faces beaming joy.