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Anicleth Bihima is a ten-year-old aspiring Mechanical Engineer who loves solving Arithmetic problems. He is a class six pupil of Generation Bilingual Nursery and Primary School Bamenda who is on holidays in Limbe. Anicleth is a member of Educate a Child in Africa. Inc’s Play and Learn | leadership club of the Cassava Farms neighborhood in Limbe, Cameroon. As leader of the club activities on Saturday, the 13th of August 2016, he asked Njie Clinton to offer an opening prayer after which they sang the club anthem.

Anicleth divided his friends into two groups. Using Educate a Child in Africa. Inc’s learning bricks, both groups looked for missing figures that fall under odd numbers and even numbers respectively. Bih Faith, Tibi Joyce and Mahop Daniel made good brick combinations in solving the arithmetic problems in their different groups. The next activity of the day was “Banana Boldness”. Here, the club members excitedly acted as different fruits, each advancing reasons why they should be consumed.

The club activities continued with the ECA game of “Meaning to Me”. All the children participated in orally presenting letters. Akere Victory presented her letter to the sun. She praised the sun for keeping places dry and bright, for drying her clothes and making it possible for her to play outside. She equally pleaded with the sun not to produce too much heat when she is outdoors.

Reading and drawing are Anicleth’s hobbies. He equally enjoys the activities of Educate a Child in Africa. Inc’s Play and Learn | leadership club. Anicleth encouraged his friends to be present for the next club meeting while Faith gave a word of prayer. The children left the venue chit-chatting about the new games they played.