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On Saturday the 20th of August 2016, members of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc’s Play and Learn | leadership club of Animal Farms assembled. Tracy Achoh offered a prayer, Tah Telcy led in the singing of the club’s anthem after which they settled down for the fun game activities.

The first activity was “My Ideal Family”. Here, the children mentioned different things they desired their parents to do as an expression of their love. Ntangu Terry said her parents can express love for her by buying her school shoes and always smiling at her while Takwi Princewill said his parents should give him gifts often. The youngsters also played the game of “Meaning to Me”, where they spoke to different aspects of nature. Fuen Natalie addressed the trees, she praised them for the shelter they give from the sun and for beautifying the city.

The club members continued with the game of “Shape Tracker”. This activity urged them to scramble through several pictures in search for answers to the different questions posed. They also played the game of “Secret Inspiration” which prompted them to act short sketches that teach the value of empathy in communities.

The children said they always enjoy the activities of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc’s Play and Learn | leadership club. Tracy gave a closing remark while Terry offered a word of prayer. As the day’s program came to an end, the club members promised to be present for the next club rendezvous.