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On Thursday the 4th of August 2016, a team from Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. visited the Dockyard community in Limbe, Cameroon to sensitize the inhabitants about ‘Know Your Children’. Different families were contacted and they welcomed the idea upon understanding the raison d’être behind the fun-game show.

On Tuesday the 23rd of August 2016, the ECA team returned to Dock Yard to implement ‘Know Your Children’. In the different homes, children asked their parents several questions. Some parents were surprised that they could not give correct answers to important questions like when their children were born, their actual blood group, their favorite subject at school or what they aspire to become in future.

In all the homes where ‘Know Your Children’ was implemented in Dock Yard, the families were cordial and they expressed profound gratitude to the team of Educate a Child in Africa,Inc. They equally resolved to be more engaged in their children’s lives and activities.