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Faith Forche is a ten-year-old class six pupil of Spring of Wisdom Primary School Limbe, Cameroon. She loves Arithmetic and excels more in it. Faith is studying hard to become a Nurse. She is a member of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s Play and Learn | leadership club of Cassava Farms. She was the leader of the club activities on Saturday, the 27th of August 2016. Bryan Essingila offered a prayer and Louse Manga led in the singing of the club anthem on Faith’s request.

The program continued with a word of welcome and an introduction of the first activity by the leader. The children sought through Educate a Child in Africa, Inc’s Learning Bricks to identify and select verbs. The youngsters performed the action of the different verbs they had in hand. Bryan held a bag and acted like a traveler, Tibi Joyce danced, while Allotey Clarita sang. The club members cheered one another amidst giggles through the exercise.

Faith led the club to play the game of ‘Secret Inspiration’ where they all learned values of civic engagement as young Cameroonians. The last activity of the day was ‘My Future Family’. Here the club members drew and presented pictures of the family they wish to grow up and have. They all look forward to a fulfilling future: Diom Dutchel explained that she expects to have a god-fearing family with plenty of space to shelter the homeless.

The club activities for the day came to an end and all the members promised to be present for the next meeting. They left the club premises chatting with broad smiles on their faces.