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Mahop Daniel and Ndolo Sophie are both members of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s. Play and Learn | leadership club of the Cassava Farms neighborhood, Limbe Cameroon. On Saturday the 8th of October 2016, they coordinated the club activities. Mahop Daniel is an eleven years old form one student of college de l’ Espoir while Ndolo Sophie is an eight years old class four pupil of Fritz William Bilingual Nursery and Primary school. Daniel welcomed his friends, assigned Tibi Joyce to say a word of prayer and Miki Britney tuned the club anthem.
Ndole introduced the first activity of the day which was Bible Quiz.The children seemed excited to participate in the exercise. In answer to one of the questions, Allotey Clarita quoted Joshua chapter 1 verse 8 “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth….” The program continued with the game of “Fruit Basket Upset”. Here, the children chose different fruits of the Spirit as listed in the Bible and scrambled to swap chairs with their mates when their fruit was called out by the leader.

The club activities continued with the ECA game of ‘Imaginary Traveller’. The youngsters formed a circle and were asked to imagine a place they desired to travel to. The children orally constructed sentences and matched the first letter of their destination with the objects they will carry along on their journey. Faith Forche said ‘I am travelling to Libra with my lamb’.

It was an exciting moment for both leaders. Daniel and Sophie excel in Maths and their aspiration is to become a Soldier and a Medical Doctor respectively. Daniel loves playing football with his friends while Ndolo loves the sport of long jump. Ndolo gave the closing remarks while Daniel asked Monyongo Seraphine to say a prayer and the children left the hall singing.