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Tibi Joyce Senge is a form two student of Government High School Limbe, Cameroon. She excels in Biology and her aspiration is to become a Medical Doctor. Joyce is a member of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s Play and Learn | leadership club of the Cassava Farms neighborhood. On Saturday the 22nd of October 2016, she was appointed club leader. She called on Clarita Allotey and Victory Akere to give an opening prayer and tune the club anthem respectively.

With the use of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s learning bricks, Joyce led her friends to construct sentences and identify the different parts of speech in their sentences. Clarita’s sentence read ‘I love her school’ while Kum Lewis formed the sentence ‘I cook in school’. The children also played the game of Time Mastery. With the use of a clock, they took turns to set the time and told their audience what activity they carry out at that time within the week. Lorine Shaldon’s clock read ten O’clock and according to her, she is in school at that hour on Monday mornings. Ndolo Sophie said “At 10:36 pm I am at home sleeping”.

Joyce divided her friends into two groups and they took turns in playing the game of Shape Tracker. The children scrambled through a handful of pictures in search of the right answers to the different questions posed. On the other hand, the younger children were engaged in drawing pictures of what makes them happy. Victory drew a TV set and said when she is watching TV she is happy. Belina Ngwa’s drawing was that of a flag and she said ‘as a Cameroonian when I see the flag I am happy’.

Away from school activities, Joyce loves singing with her best friend Forche Faith who is also a member of the club. As the games ended, the children gave a recap of what they had learnt, Joyce thanked her friends for their participation and also reminded them of the next meeting. She asked Monyonga Chelsea to lead in a closing prayer after which the children cheerfully left the hall.