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Ntangju Terry is a nine-year-old class five pupil of Street Care Foundation Limbe, Cameroon. She loves Mathematics and desires to become a Reverend Sister. On Saturday the 29th of October 2016, Terry was made leader of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s Play and Learn | leadership club activities of Animal Farms. The program started with an opening address from Terry. She assigned Audrey Mukam to say a word of prayer and Tanyu Jeniffer to tune the club anthem.

Terry announced ‘My Ideal Community’ as the first activity of the day. She distributed drawing materials to her friends and they were all expected to draw and present a picture of what they wish to have in their community. Marion Lemnuy pictured her community with a church, hospital and very good roads while Tracy’s drawing expressed her desire that her community should have beautiful houses, flowers and trees.

The program continued with the game of Secret Inspiration. Stooping dawn in a circle, the children took turns in performing the different tasks of the activity. Marie Germaine spoke in her mother tongue while Audrey Mukam acted as an administrator receiving a business call. The youngsters seemed excited through the exercise and their laughter filled the hall.

Terry spends her leisure time watching the sport of swimming with her best friend Audrey. At the end of the meeting, Terry encouraged her mates to be punctual for the subsequent club activities. She appointed Jennifer to say a word of prayer after which the children separated to thier respective homes.