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Mbende Martha and Muabe Judith are teachers coordinating the Family Engagement Initiative in Government Practicing School Unity Quarters, Limbe Cameroon. At the beginning of this academic year, Judith and Martha visited the homes of new pupils to introduce Family Engagement.

During this visit, the parents shared the challenges they face with their children which makes them perform poorly in school. “My son is a very slow learner so I often beat him to study”, explained Shu Nee, mother of Shu Kingsley. While the parent of Esono Cecilia said “Cecilia spends more time watching Television rather than doing her homework”. Both teachers cautioned the parents to motivate their children with gifts and to avoid using a cane while teaching them. They equally suggested that, parents should control the content of programs their children watch and the amount of time they spend on TV.

On Thursday, the 17th of November 2016, Martha and Judith hosted all the parents in school for a Family Engagement meeting. The parents affirmed that the Family Engagement Initiative has made them more responsible. The mother of Fru Estrella, who was part of the program last academic year, acknowledged that when parents bond well with their children, it creates a comfortable atmosphere for the child to focus and perform better in school.

As the meeting came to an end, Nebabesi Jenetos, father of Affanu Toneto remarked that “If all parents form a partnership with teachers, it will improve the quality of education in our country”. Martha and Judith orientated the parents on what is expected from them for the well being of their children.