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Mary Mokube and Gillian Ache are teachers and coordinators of the Family Engagement Initiative in Government Primary School Botaland Limbe, Cameroon. At the beginning of the 2016/2017 academic year, Mary and Gillian added more pupils to benefit from the program.

In September 2016, both teachers visited the homes of the new pupils. They conversed with the parents on issues related to their children’s welfare. Sally Monjowa described the visit as a wakeup call for her to perform her obligations as a mother to her daughter, Juliet. In some homes, the teachers observed that the absence of dialogue between parents affected the pupils performance. They cautioned the parents to create a conducive learning environment for their kids.

On the 25th November 2016, Mary and Gillian hosted both old and new parents at the premises of Government Primary School Botaland, for the ‘second Family Engagement visit’. All the parents acknowledged the positive impact of partnering with teachers. The new parents agreed that the first visit moved them to action. “I am more engaged and conscious about my daughter’s school work” said Honorine Wintoh, mother of Emmah Nkuh. Patricia Yaa, a parent who participated in the program last academic year affirmed that, “thanks to the extra attention I gave, my son, Nfor Junior can now read and write better”.

At the end of the meeting, Mary advised all the parents to have a cordial relationship with their children, listen attentively to them when they speak and make the effort to answer their questions. Martha also added that, the manner in which parents relate with children will be portrayed in their character and will also reflect on their studies.