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On Saturday January 14th, 2017, the Play and Learn | Leadership club members of the Cassava Farms neighborhood in Limbe, Cameroon, had their first gathering of the year. Clarita and Faith volunteered to coordinate the club activities. Clarita gave an opening prayer while Faith welcomed the children and then tuned the club anthem.

The youngsters all seemed excited as they took turns to describe how they spent their holidays. Samuel said, “I assisted my mother for shopping and in the course of this, I realized that the prices of goods have increased”. Sophia mentioned that she visited the seashore with her friends. The younger kids were more engaged in drawing the different places they visited during the holidays.

Using Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s learning bricks, the children constructed and presented sentences in groups. Amongst the many sentences formed by the children were “Jane hired Mary”, “the baby is tender”, and “my class won an award twice”. The Play and Learn | Leadership club instills in children the spirit of teambuilding as they work collectively to attain specific objectives while playing. As the activities came to an end, the children left the hall singing happily.