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Clarita is a Class Six pupil at Fritz Williams Bilingual Nursery and Primary school Limbe, Cameroon. She is a member of the Cassava Farms Play and Learn | Leadership club. On Thursday February 9th, 2017, Clarita coordinated the club activities. She welcomed her friends, offered a word of prayer, and assigned Faith to tune the club anthem.

The youngsters divided themselves into two groups and played the game of ‘Shape Tracker’. Here both groups were provided with pictures of different animals and when a question was read, they scrambled in excitement to answer before the time ran out. The children learned the different characteristics of domestic, wild, and aquatic animals.

The next activity was the game of ‘My Country’. Each child drew a map of Cameroon and indicated the ten regions with their capitals. The children were passionate about this exercise which tested their knowledge of their Country.

The last activity of the day was the ‘build a house challenge’. The youngsters took turns in constructing a villa, from the foundation to the roof. Assembling the different puzzles of the house was not an easy task. Some of the children made mistakes in the process but with the assistance of their peers, the entire structure was erected. The kids learned the importance of teamwork and patience. They learned how to solve problems creatively.

Clarita said, ‘The club makes learning simply amazing and very interesting’. She reminded her friends of the next meeting and asked Meldine to give a closing prayer.