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Wednesday, February 15th, 2017, was an exciting day for the children of the Mile One neighborhood of Limbe, Cameroon. They gathered for their first Play and Learn | Leadership club activity. ‘Communication’ was chosen as the theme of the day. The meaning, types and mediums of communication were explained to the club members and they listened attentively.

The first activity was implemented with the use of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s learning bricks. The children divided themselves in four groups headed by a leader. The elderly children identified verbs while the junior ones performed actions. Amongst the many verbs selected were: dance, smell, teach, pick, talk and paint. Kingsley demonstrated the verb ‘to teach’. Playing the role of a teacher, Kingsley tested his pupils’ knowledge by writing out an arithmetic problem and asking a volunteer to go to the board and solve it. Sesse opted to do the calculations. He produced the correct answer, drawing applause from his friends.

The program continued with the game of ‘Secret Inspiration’. Here, questions were numbered from one to eleven. The club members each picked a number and performed the task posed by the question. The atmosphere was filled with laugher as the exercise unfolded. Charles’ question required him to act like a Pastor. He preached to his audience, calling on them to have a change of lifestyle or else they will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven. Arthur Sesse on his part, acted like a journalist broadcasting the 7:30pm news on the Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV). He started by saying, “Here is the news read by Sesse; first the headline; Cameroon government fights against insecurity…” Sesse then went on to read the full news.

During this activity, the youngsters not only learned the different meanings of words, they practiced diverse ways of self-expression.