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Funwie Danielita is a class four pupil of Nfarwill Bilingual Nursery and Primary School Limbe, Cameroon. Her favourite subject is English language. She is a member of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s Play and Learn | leadership Club of Mafani Residential Area, Limbe. On Thursday the 22nd of February 2017, she coordinated the club activities. The team from Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. introduced ‘Leadership’ as the theme of the day. The word leadership was defined and the role of a leader was explained to the kids.

Danielita divided her friends in two groups based on their ages. With the help of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s learning bricks, the older children solved Arithmetic problems while the younger children were involved in sound and word building from the letter ‘A’ to the letter ‘J’.

Although the children were excited while solving Arithmetic problems, they clearly seemed to have the most fun during the ‘Shape Tracker’ activity. With the help of the leader, the youngsters formed two groups. Each group was provided with a box containing different pictures. Representatives of the groups searched through the pictures in their boxes looking for answers to questions that were asked. It was a challenge to the group ambassadors considering the fact that they had limited time to select the right shapes.

It was a great day for Danielita as she exercised her leadership skills. In her closing remark, she reminded her friends to be punctual for the next meeting.