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Eight-year-old Eban Angel is a class three pupil of Laura May Bilingual Nursery and Primary School Limbe, Cameroon. She aspires to be a Banker. On Friday the 23rd of February 2017, Angel was made leader of the Cassava Farms Play and Learn | leadership club. ‘Empathy’ was introduced as the word of the day. The club members acted a sketch that illustrated an empathetic situation. Miki Britney directed the sketch.

The next activity was the game of ‘Secret Inspiration’. In a circle, the children selected a number between one and eleven which corresponded to a set of questions. They performed different tasks as the questions demanded. It was an exciting moment for the kids as they displayed different reactions in respond to the various questions.

When Angel introduced the ‘Build a House Challenge’, there was a hike in the level of excitement as all the youngsters wanted to be part of it. The older children were however assigned posts of responsibility. They acted as project supervisors, directing the younger ones who took turns in constructing the house. It was a challenging exercise for the younger kids to erect the structure, but with the help their team leaders, they accomplished their objective. The kids learned the importance of team work and how to solve problems creatively.

At the end of the activities, Angel asked her best friend Sophia to offer a word of prayer after which she reminded the club members to be present for the next meeting.