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Faith is an eight-year-old class four pupil of Ray-Est Bilingual School, Limbe Cameroon. He loves Arithmetic and desires to be an Architect in future. On Wednesday the 1st of March 2017, Faith coordinated the Play and Learn | Leadership club activities of the Maffany Residential Area. ‘Democracy’ was the word of the day. The club members used the principles of democracy to elect the club President, Secretary and Communication Officer.

Faith introduced the game of ‘Self Portrait’. Here, the children drew pictures of what they desire to be in future. They took turns and explained their different images and the steps needed to achieve their goals. The youngsters all agreed that education is the key to success.

The next activity was ‘Meaning to Me’. The children wrote imaginary letters to imaginary recipients and orally presented them to their peers. Enow’s letter was addressed to his slipper. He thanked his slipper for protecting his feet from injury and equally begged it not to get bad because he does not want to move bare-feet.

Faith thanked his friends for their collaboration and reminded them of the next club date. It was a fun filled day for the youngsters as they left the venue cheering their newly elected club officials.