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Tracy is eight years old. She is a class four pupil of Billy and Scott Nursery and Primary School Limbe, Cameroon. She loves to solve Arithmetic Problems and aspires to be a teacher. On the 22 nd of March 2017, Tracy was made leader of the Play and learn | leadership club of the Maffany Residential Area. ‘Competence’ was the word of the day, it was explained to the kids and they attempted the spelling.

The club members presented some of the socio-economic problems they face in their neighborhood. Amongst some of the problems were; smoking, power failure, insufficient water supply, stealing and Disobedience. The youngsters performed a sketch which showed the negative effects of these ills on an individual and the community at large.

With the use of Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s learning bricks, the club members identified verbs in the present tense and constructed sentences with the selected words in the past tense. Myceline identified the verb ‘Take’ and his sentence read, ‘I took Larry’s pencil last night’.

Tracy likes to play the game of ‘Hide and Seek’. She advised her friends to be punctual for the next club meeting and Blessing offered a word of prayer.