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Charles is a twelve-year-old student of Government Technical High School Moukindi, a village in the South West Region of Cameroon. He volunteered to coordinate the Play and Learn | Leadership Club on the 29th of March 2017at the Maffany Residential area. The word of the day was ‘Virtue’. It was explained to the club members who later presented examples and circumstances where the word is applied. The kids identified inter alia, obedience, helpful, honesty and patience.

The first activity that was implemented was ‘My Ideal Family’. Here, they sketched a portrait of how they desire their future to look like. Sesse’s diagram consisted of a well structured house with his lovely wife, his son getting married and a pet living with them. The youngsters were equally involved in the game of ‘Secret Inspiration’. They picked up papers from a ballot and acted as the papers demanded. Blessing’s task required her to act like a secretary answering a phone call from an angry client.

The club members of Maffany residential area were filled with excitement as they met on the 5th of April for another Play and Learn | Leadership club activity. Tracy, Precious, Mark, Larry and Mycent were amongst the many enthusiastic members. ‘Time mastery’ was one of the activities carried out by the kids. Each of the club members drew a clock showing a particular time. Tracy’s time read, twenty-five minutes past three while Sesse’s clock read twenty-six minutes past two.

Although the children were excited while participating in the ‘Time Mastery’ activity, they clearly seemed to have the most fun during the ‘build a house challenge’. The different groups hurriedly erected three structures from the foundation to the roof. “We have completed our house, we are the champions, we need a play ground and a swimming pool to live comfortably”. Members of Group B shouted in unison. The club members did not only think critically and abstractly as they erected the houses, but it also made them to reflect on the importance of Engineering and Technology in the development of a country.

As the club members finished the last activity of the day, Charles thanked his friends for their active participation. The children left the club venue happy and promised to be part of the next club meeting.