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On the 7th of April 2016, the Play and Learn | Leadership Club members of the Cassava Farms neighborhood assembled for their activities. Twelve-year-old Louis, a student of GHS Limbe coordinated the club activities. ‘Volunteer’, the word of the Day was explained to the kids.

The activities commenced with the game of ‘Shape Tracker’. The children formed two groups with sub-coordinators to lead their groups in identifying pictures of domestic animals based on the questions that were asked. In their different groups, the children identified pictures to questions, inter alia, ‘It is known for imitating man’ ‘An animal which is good for security and hunting purposes’. Group A emerged champions because they presented the right answers to most of the questions.

Despite the fact that the youngsters were overwhelmed with the Shape Tracker activity, they were impatiently waiting for the ‘Build a House Challenge’ to be introduced. They quickly divided themselves in three groups in respect to the three sets of houses that were to be erected. The team members scrambled for parts not just to erect a perfect structure, but to also finish first. Members of Group B emerged champions of the challenge. Not only did they assemble the right parts and finished first, the coordination amongst group members was outstanding.

Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s uses its hands-on club activities to stimulate critical thinking and foster the cognitive and creative capacity of children. ECA clubs combine Play and Learn, Family Engagement and Community Engagement to get young Africans to be passionate about education.