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On Wednesday the 24th of May 2017, the kids of the Maffany Residential Area assembled for Play and Learn | leadership club activities. They were led by Keziah, an eleven-year-old form two student of Government Bilingual High School Limbe, Cameroon. As the club’s tradition demands, Keziah appointed one of her friends to offer a prayer after which she tuned the club anthem.

The activity of the day was ‘Create a City Challenge’. In groups of two, the youngsters were presented with different items representing structures found in a city. They used these items and created their own cities strictly taking location into consideration. Larry and Charles, the leaders of both groups worked as a team with their respective members to set up two cities. Amid the items the kids used were; a police station, a school, a hotel, a church, residential houses, cars, a stadium, an airport and a sea port. Through the challenge, the kids were able to exercise the ability to plan thus developing critical thinking skills.

Keziah and her friends were enthusiastic while contributing their ideas in their different groups. They all concurred that the exercise made them feel like members of a city planning committee. The children separated to their homes chit-chatting about the importance of having schools and hospitals in easily accessible locations.