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On the 16th of June 2017, Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. and the Divisional Delegation of Social Affairs for Fako as well as other stakeholders joined children all over the world to commemorate the 27th edition of the Day of the African Child. The event which took place at the Batoke Community Hall was presided at by the Divisional Officer for Limbe 2. Mr. Ndunga Emarant.

The International Day of the African Child is celebrated yearly to raise awareness of the continuing need for the improvement of the education provided to African children. The theme for this year is ‘The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for children in Africa: Accelerating Protection, Empowerment and Equal Opportunities. The commemorative activities were geared towards empowering the entire population about protecting the rights of the child. The Play and Learn | leadership club members of Maffany, Limbe Camp and the Cassava Farms neighborhood were all engaged in competitive games.

The activities of the day commenced with the ‘Create a City Challenge’. The challenge was played between the club of Limbe Camp and Maffany Quarters. Three kids represented their various clubs. These groups were presented with artificial structures found in a city and they used them in creating their own cities. In doing this, they took into account the locations and accessibilities of the different structures. With their collaborative efforts, both groups put up beautiful cities indicating an airport, seaport, hotel, church, cars, houses, stadium, school, hospital and market. The members of Limbe camp emerged as winner of the competition.

The youngsters were also engaged in the ‘Build a House Challenge’. The three different Play and Learn clubs each had a representative. Here, the kids were given wooden dismantled houses to assemble into a structure. They hurriedly set up their houses and mounted the different parts at their right places. Though all three kids executed their work extraordinarily, Ryan completed the task first and was awarded the first prize.

The children equally took part in ‘My Future Family’. Clarita, Sesse and Helen from Play and Learn clubs of Cassava Farms, Mafany Residential Area and Limbe Camp respectively were given drawing materials to sketch their future families. The kids imagined how they wanted their families to look like by drawing, after which they presented their different sketches. Clarita, the winner of the competition presented a diagram which comprised of her house, husband, kids, garden and a pet. The crowd watched the children with delight as they put up an outstanding performance.

Each club was represented by a member to compete in the game of ‘Imaginary Letter’. Larry, Ofally, Faith and Mishler represented Maffany, Limbe Camp and the Cassava Farm clubs respectively. The youngsters orally presented letters to imaginary recipients. Larry wrote his letter to his ‘Fish Pond’. He thanked his fish pond for making him responsible and duty conscious as he is supposed to change water from the pond daily.

At the end of the competition, the kids of Limbe Camp presented a ballet dance of the song ‘Victory’ by the artist Eben. The team from Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. awarded prizes to those who emerged winners in the different games. The kids left Batoke very empowered with the different skills they acquired from the various activities.