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Keziah is eleven years old. She attends Government Bilingual High School Limbe, Cameroon. Keziah is in form two and she aspires to work in the Legal Department as a Lawyer. She volunteered to lead the Play and Learn | Literacy club activities on Wednesday the 23rd of August 2017. Ekema offered a word of prayer to kick start the club activities followed by the singing of the club anthem. The word ‘Profession’ was the theme of the day. The youngsters cited examples of different professions from all fields of work.

In the first activity, the club members solved arithmetic problems. In groups of four, the children worked as a team to change fractions to percentages. Each group was headed by an older kid who taught the younger ones how to derive the answers to the given problems. Using the flip chart board the younger children each took turns to solve the equations. The youngsters developed collaborative skills as they solved arithmetic problems.

The children moved on to play the game of ‘Who am I’. Here, questions were asked in a descriptive manner about professions. Using writing materials, they spelled the names of different professions. At the end of this activity, the club members did not only identify professions in the field of Judiciary, Health and Engineering, but they also developed a path to these professions.

Keziah has passion for Educate a Child in Africa, Inc.’s Play and Learn | Literacy club activities. She is always punctual for club activities and takes initiative to get things done on time.