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On Thursday the 24th of August 2017, Oben took the lead and coordinated the Play and Learn | Literacy club activities of Limbe Camp. Oben is a form one student of Government Bilingual High School Limbe, Cameroon. He is twelve years old. His favorite subject is English Language. As the leader, Oben welcomed his friends, appointed Melvis to say a word of prayer and Rose-Belt to tune the club anthem. The word of the day was ‘Development’. Using practical illustrations ‘development’ was defined and explained to the kids. The club members participated and answered a series of questions on development.

Oben divided his friends into two groups and presented them with cardboards and other materials. In a cardboard challenge, the youngsters designed items of their choice. They also explained the importance of what they designed. Both groups made a house which they called the ‘Play and Learn | Literacy club house’. Precious said “This is where we assemble every Thursday to build our leadership skills and acquire knowledge through play”. Nalowa made a pair of sandals and explained that, it is used to protect the feet and to ease movements when coming for club activities. The children seemed eager as they carved and colored the different items.

It was an exciting day for Oben to exercise his leadership skills. He is very friendly and loves interacting with all the other club members regardless of their age and class. Oben reminded his friends to be present for the next club meeting. The youngsters danced and sang before they separated to their respective home.