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Angel is a class four pupil of Laura May Bilingual Nursery and Primary School, Limbe Cameroon. Eight-year-old Angel aspires to be a Banker in future. She lives in the Cassava Farms neighborhood and is a member of the Play and Learn | Literacy club. On Friday the 25th of August 2017, Angel was appointed leader. She welcomed her friends and beckoned on them to be cooperative throughout the activities. Britney said a word of prayer while Sophia coordinated the singing of the club anthem. ‘Volunteer’ was introduced as the word of the day. The children demonstrated an act of volunteerism.

The club members seemed excited to participate in the ‘Build a House Challenge’. They were given wooden dismantled parts of houses to construct into firm structures. The youngsters divided themselves into three groups each having a representative of a younger kid. The older kids set the pace as they laid down the foundations of the houses. They also acted as architects and supervised the others who took turns in assembling the different structures. Members of the greenhouse emerged the winner, as they built a solid giant magnificent building within the given time frame.

Angel loves reading story books during her leisure time. Her best friend is Sophia, who is also a member of the Play and Learn | Literacy club. Angel thanked her friends for their active participation and reminded them of the next club date.