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Glory is ten years old and a class six pupil of Government School Bota Limbe, Cameroon. She is a member of the Play and Learn | Literacy club of Limbe Camp. On Thursday the 31st of August 2017, the club members assembled at the club venue and Glory was made the leader. She organized her friends to settle down, welcomed them and assigned Ashley to offer a word of prayer. The club members sang their anthem in prelude to the commencement of activities.

The children were divided into two groups to participate in two activities simultaneously. The first group took part in a writing contest called ‘Tell your story with a pen’. Here, Glory and her friends were expected to write a story based on their personal life experiences. The youngsters each took turns to read their stories. Most of the stories were focused on events that occurred during their Nursery or Primary school days. They all had interesting stories but that of Eposi was outstanding. Her story painted a picture of family love and unity.

The other club members were involved in the game of ‘Happy Colors’. The kids drew, painted and studied the meaning of different shades of colors. After painting, the youngsters presented their sketch while the color meanings were read. This activity helped the children to develop a good finger grip.

Glory is a very jovial girl and her hobbies are but not limited to singing. She demonstrated great qualities of a servant leader.