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Offaly is a class six pupil of Presbyterian School Bota Limbe, Cameroon. She is nine years old. Offaly’s aspiration is to become a Teacher. Her favorite subject is Arithmetic. On Thursday the 5th of October 2017, Offaly coordinated the Play and Learn | Literacy club activities of Limbe Camp. She welcomed her friends and assigned Ashley to offer a word of prayer after which the children sang the club anthem. The word ‘communication’ was introduced as the theme of the day. The youngsters participated in a flurry of exercises demonstrating non-verbal means of communication.

On the occasion of World Teachers’ Day, the club members designed cards and developed beautiful messages for their teachers. They all seemed excited as they participated in this creative arts activity. Success made a card for Madam Stella. It read ‘Thank you madam for making me learn and understand new and interesting things every day in school. May God continue to bless you’. Glory addressed her card to her mother who is a teacher. She thanked her mother for teaching her good morals and ethics at home. The different messages conveyed by the children expressed their love and gratitude towards their teachers.

Offaly is a very discipline and hard working girl. She calls her friends to order when they are noisy during activities. The club members left the venue anticipating how they will present the cards to their teachers.