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On Friday the 27 October 2017, the class Five pupils of Government Primary School Botaland Limbe, Cameroon were introduced to a playful learning experience on professions with focus on ‘Entrepreneurship’. The pupils identified different professions inter alia Doctor, Teacher, Banker, Engineer and Musician. They performed different actions that reflected the professions of their parents and were rewarded financially. They explored and presented different ideas on how to invest money and jointly agreed to invest in a shop.

The concept of Entrepreneurship was introduced to the children. They were made to understand who an Entrepreneur is, what it takes to become an entrepreneur while citing examples of local entrepreneurs. The youngsters were divided into groups and given cardboard papers to design items for their shop. Employing creative and collaborative skills, they produced beautiful items such as flowers, slippers, crowns, dresses and watches. They created a shop to sell the designed items and ploughed back part of the profit. At the end, they deposited some of the money in a bank which they created and reinvested some into the business.

This activity taught the children how to organize money wisely. Not only did they understand the meaning of saving and investing but they also had the opportunity to design, explore, collaborate, and think critically in order to be creative innovators.