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The class five pupils of Government Primary School Batoke, Cameroon were very excited as they participated in a playful learning experience on ‘Leadership’ and ‘Democracy’. The activity took place on Wednesday the 11th of November 2017. A team from Educate a Child in Africa, Inc. and the children were engaged in a conversation on leadership. Zacheus defined a leader as a person who controls a group of people. The pupils identified the positive and negative attributes of a leader. Some of the qualities mentioned by the youngsters were good communicator, Bold, respectful, optimistic, and Honesty. Zanga and Ayuk used cardboard papers to design a structure of man and the different traits of a leader were written on the diagram. Not only did the children aspire to be leaders, but they were passionate to inspire change in their respective communities.

The entire class took part in a Democratic exercise and voted their leaders. They nominated their peers for the positions of President, Secretary General, Minister of Finance and Minister of Communication. An election committee was formed with three members; Favour, Precious and Vanessa. The committee read out the voting procedures and presented the nominated candidates. Each post had three nominees. The elections were conducted by balloting to ensure transparency during the process. After voting the committee members counted the votes and proclaimed the results. Cheers and shouts of joy filled the classroom as the victorious candidates took their respective seats. The newly elected members were called upon to be duty conscious and satisfy their peers else they will lose their confidence be voted out of office.

Educate a Child in Africa’s Play and Learn activities inspire the passion for education, teach children basic lessons on diverse subjects while building their confidence, team building and leadership skills. It is worth mentioning that ECA’s hands-on activities stimulate critical thinking and foster lifelong learning.