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The class six pupils of Government Primary School Botaland, Limbe, Cameroon took part in a ‘Build a City Challenge’ on Friday the 17th of November 2017. The main actors of this activity who represented the entire class were fourteen young aspiring engineers. These youngsters formed two groups, collaborated, explored ideas and designed two distinct cities.

The pupils were presented with artificial structures, symbolizing the fundamental components of a city inter alia, hospital, seaport, school, market, and airport. The children teamed up, shared ideas and constructed two cities. They considered geographical locations before positioning the different structures. After they had created the cities, representatives of the two groups explained to the opposing camp and the audience the reason for placing the structures in particular locations. Group A’s spokesperson, Kelly, explained that the seaport in their city is found in the periphery because it requires a large body of water and land to operate. She further stated that by the seaport are companies where goods imported are distributed to other parts of the country. Abigail described the city of group ‘B’ members. “We place our schools by residential houses to reduce the long distances covered by children when going to school”, she said.

The children were very engaged and seemed passionate as they created the two cities. In the end, group ‘A’ members emerged winners of the challenge. Not only did they place the different structures on the right positions, they also delivered powerful arguments to substantiate their choice of placement.