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About this Event

Peace education is mandatory for the development of children in Africa. Most African children live in war affected areas and have experienced violence in one way or another. A lot of African societies have been plagued with inter tribal wars and other forms of violence including violence from parents and guardians. The knowledge of peace, friendship and conflict resolution is fundamental for sustaining developed societies.

In M’mockmbei village, the South West Region of Cameroon, Educate a Child (ECA) in Africa organized a football Match to foster the sense of unity amongst children from diverse backgrounds and different neighborhoods. The children were divided into groups, girls versus boys in a competitive Match. While they played they were taught the values of Peace, Unity, Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution, Friendship and Solidarity.

Lessons Learned

The children had the opportunity to network and in the course of doing so, they respected the ideas of their peers. The boys were made to play with the girls, an aspect that some of them considered strange. Moreover, the girls presented excellent ideas in the course of the teaching exercise, ideas that were validated by the Educate a Child in Africa team to the surprise of the boys. This created an atmosphere of respect and mutual understanding between both parties. Despite the fact that the children who participated were just a cross section of pupils from the primary school in M’mockmbei, it attracted the attention of parents and other children of school going age who do not go to school.