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Community Engagement

Educate a child in Africa. Give a child a future.

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In order for students to be successful at school, parents, other family members and community members must be invested in children’s education. Yet this is not the case in some parts of Africa—oftentimes due to socio-economic, historical and/or cultural factors.

At Educate a Child in Africa, we not only organize activities aimed at informing families about the importance of education; we also facilitate meetings between teachers, parents, and community members.

We accomplish our objective in two ways: We visit schools and train teachers on how to reach out to parents; and we visit communities and train parents and community members on how to connect with teachers. In both cases, we emphasize why it behooves children when parents and teachers have a solid, symbiotic partnership. Thus, our Family and Community Engagement programs are intertwined with the end goal of supporting student achievement and school improvement.